Mr. Gary 's Relationship With A Governing Board

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1. Question (s) Section

My question to Mr. Gary was how often does the City Council overrule his proposals. Ashworth (2001: 91) states that his board overrules him at least four times a year and sometimes more. Furthermore, Ashworth (2001: 92) points out that at meetings he has influence but he can be overruled, given instructions, handed assignments, and replaced. I based my question on Ashworth’s statement, ‘Relations with a governing board’.
I asked my question on his presentation about his relationship with the City Council. Based on Ashworth’s relations with a governing board, I wanted to know whether his proposals were ever overruled by his City Council as Ashworth said his commission overruled him at least four times a year. I …show more content…

He pointed out that we must learn how to build relations for things to happen. Gary stated that he applies transactional leadership because he is results oriented. He stated that a good leader is flexible, calm, and has humility. Having good leaders at every section motivates employees. Communicating the vision to employees and making them part of the vision motivate them. He said it motivates employees when the manger sends them emails about the progress in their organization.
Gary stated that he is proactive in terms of working with the press, they call him anytime. He warned that sometimes you should tell them to email their questions and think about them. He said we should have positive relations with the press. Because of his background of private sector, he places more emphasis on cultural fit. He said we shouldn’t be afraid to make change, we should set standard. For this reason, we should apply incremental change. He stated that when one is hired to because the organization wants change, he must make that change. He argued that being a City Manager is harder because everybody is watching him and he must be more sensitive and he said he does not like attention.

2.1 Ashworth Connections
Mr. Gary promoted conducive working relations with his staff and council members. Working on the same goals with council members has helped him pass his proposals. Ashworth (2001: 91) points out that it is by

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