Essay about Persuasive Forms of Leadership

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Persuasive Forms of Leadership Paper

Leadership is the most discussed topic when it comes to business. There has been much research into leadership and it the effect it has on the followers. Leadership research has included various attributes that show the difference between leaders and non-leaders and the effect it has on the followers. Leadership is a process using socially acceptable behavior, including personality traits used to inspire individuals to reach a goal or objective. There have been many studies that shown individual characteristics including skills and abilities can predict leader effectiveness. This paper is designed to discuss the persuasive forms of leadership and how the persuasion can facilitate change. …show more content…

Leaders need to recognize that certain motivators may not always be the best motivators. Considering that some motives may be complex, they are usually a result of some initiative that an individual may have brought about based on their personality or experience. One way to persuade followers or employees is to offer them financial incentives to increase output and profits. However, the consideration of financial incentives should also consider the leaders behavior on the employees which may have influenced the employees to increase output and profits. A transactional leader focuses on tasks and behaviors rather than relationships. Traits and behaviors influence effectiveness of the followers not necessarily the motivating factors associated with the task, such as financial (Derue, 2011). Values of the individual need to be considered when considering which motivators should be used.

Persuasive and Effective Leaders

When you consider Fiedler’s Contingency Theory, there are two types of leaders who are effective in different types of situations. There are the task-oriented leaders who are effective in scenarios which need structure and often clarification. These leaders are often found to be most effective in crisis type

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