Essay on Mr. Rochester versus The Man

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Mr. Rochester vs. The Man Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Bronte and Wide Sargasso Sea, by Jean Rhys are novels with an obvious connection, however, this connection is not definite one. The main male character’s name in Jane Eyre is Mr. Rochester who has a very mysterious history in the Caribbean while The Man in Wide Sargasso Sea moves to the Caribbean after living in England for his entire life. Jean Rhys never states that the two men are the same, but the similarities between the two lead the reader to believe it is so. Jane Eyre (1847) is about a young woman named Jane Eyre who is hired as a governess at Mr. Rochester’s estate, Thornfield, to take care of Adele, a young girl he adopted. When Jane arrives at Thornfield and begins…show more content…
I shall have to leave you in this room with this gentleman, for an hour, or perhaps two hours; you will sponge the blood as I do when it returns: if he feels faint, you will put the glass of water on that stand to his lips, and you salts to his nose. You will not speak to him in any pretext-and- Richard-it will be at the peril of your life if you speak to her: open your lips-agitate yourself-and I’ll not answer for the consequences. (Bronte, 212) This causes Jane to ponder Mr. Rochester’s mysterious ways, but obeys her superior and does not ask Mr. Mason anything. Soon after Mason is gone, Jane and Rochester stroll in the orchard, and Rochester tells Jane a hypothetical story about a young man who commits a "capital error" (Bronte, 212) in a foreign country and proceeds to lead a life of dissipation in an effort to "obtain relief." (Bronte, 212) The young man then hopes to redeem himself and live morally, but a certain situation prevents him from doing so. He asks whether the young man would be justified in "overleaping an obstacle of custom." (Bronte, 221) Mr. Rochester begins to tell Jane his history without actually telling her. He lived in the West Indies for some time and married a young girl for her name, while she married him for his family money. We the reader, learn that her name is Bertha and that
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