Mr. Snowden, Are You Justified? Essay

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Mr. Snowden, Are You Justified in Your Actions?
According to American philosopher and psychologist, William James, “there can be no final truth in ethics anymore than in physics, until the last man has had his experience or said his say” (William James). In regards to this quote by William James, the ethical concerns brought to light by Mr. Snowden “having his experience and saying his say” are numbered; therefore, I will elaborate upon two, which I deem deserving of comprehensive speculation. For example, the first ethical issue raised is seen through Mr. Snowden sharing his exposure of classified information, privileged only to the National Security Agency, and its employees. Indeed, Mr. Snowden took it upon himself to divulge these personal known truths for all to acknowledge, which in short; enlightened all American citizens to what the National Security Agency was doing, “behind closed doors.” Thus, Mr. Snowden displayed genuine, upright conduct in relation to his concerns about what was happening each day to the people of the United States. For as United States citizens, we befittingly have a right to know when our privacy is being infringed upon, and furthermore, should have to agree to it. Yet; at the same time we are presented with another equitable complication, which is Mr. Snowden should be held accountable for his actions of wrong doing. Consequently, he should have to stand trial in order to pay retribution for the crime he committed. In order to bring

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