Mrs. Cannon 's 2nd Grade Class Narrative

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Mrs. Cannon 's 1st Grade Class Narrative I was sent to observe Mrs. Cannon 's 1st grade class after she contacted Dr. Jekyll at Athens State. Upon entering Mrs. Cannon 's classroom I noticed that her room is colorful and the student 's work is displayed all around her room. The desks are in rows, there is a Math Center, and there is a rug as the reading area. After speaking with Mrs. Cannon she tells me she teaches all content areas, she has 15 English-speaking students, 1 Spanish-speaking student, and 1 Japanese-speaking student. Mrs. Cannon has been teaching for 3 years, however, she has never taught an English Language Learner (ELL) before. She mentions she is not concerned about reaching the ELLs because they can speak English. She has already met with John’s, who is from Japan, parents. Based on that meeting Mrs. Cannon states that she and John’s parents share the same educational philosophy; meaning school is taken seriously and a quiet class is a class that is learning. The teacher shares both his parents are fluent in both English and Japanese. John’s father expects him to master everything. Mrs. Cannon has noticed that John appears to be anxious. His social language (pg. 32) is at grade level but his academic language (pg. 32) is at the beginning stages. On the first day Mrs. Cannon introduces the lesson of identifying past and present forms of communication. She states the objective to the students, then models by writing the week’s vocabulary words on
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