Meeting With The Simi Valley Unified School District

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I met with Dr. Linda Vandaveer, a school psychologist with the Simi Valley Unified School District, on February 4, 2016. I met with her at Katherine Elementary School. She also works with two other schools in the district. I found my meeting with her enjoyable and interesting.
At Katherine Elementary School Dr Vandaveer has her own portable where she can test students. Her desk is in one corner and there was a kidney-shaped table with a few chairs on the side of the room. Other than a couple filing cabinets the room was fairly sparse. There was nothing on the walls.
At student can be referred for special needs by a parent, teacher, or principal. A student study team is then set up to evaluate the child. The team includes the psychologist who is the coordinator of the team, the principal, the child’s teacher, the special education teacher, speech specialist, upper and lower grade teacher representatives, and the parents. The parents can also bring other people including a therapist.
The school psychologist then assigns individuals in the student study team to perform certain tests. The psychologist may do four hours of testing broken up over a couple of days, the speech specialist does around two hours of testing and the special education teacher spends around three hours with the child. The teacher and parents provide information about the child. The information gathered include intellectual function, visual motor integrations, behavior rating scales, parent and

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