Mterials Used for Turbine Blades in Jet Engines

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Turbine blades used in jet engines can be made from such materials as nickel-based superalloys. We can, in principle, even use ceramic materials such as zirconia or other alloys based on steels. In some cases, the blades may have to be coated with a thermal barrier coating
(TBC) to minimize exposure of the blade material to high temperatures. What design parameters would you consider in selecting a material for the turbine blade and for the coating that would work successfully in a turbine engine? Note that different parts of the engine are exposed to different temperatures, and not all blades are exposed to relatively high operating temperatures.
What problems might occur? Consider the factors such as temperature and humidity in
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Such materials common in the industry include titanium and nickel superalloys. While these materials may exhibit a relatively high heat and corrosion resistance, a postsecondary coating may be needed to further protect blades which may be subjected to the highest levels of heat. Materials such as sputter coated Alumina (Al2O3) or proprietary electrodeposited Trobomet® MCrAlY (nickel, cobalt,
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