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M T V Have you ever wondered about MTV and how it became as big as it is today? The reason for this is that it has been around a while and your parents may have even watched it when they were younger. So, they have a little experience in how to draw young teens to watch their programs. MTV got its big start and revolutionized television as modern viewers know it today. MTV, or Music Television was started on August 1, 1981. It was broadcast almost everywhere in America. It was filmed in New York City where it is still based today. It is the same network today, but it has changed a lot. The first song that was played on MTV was called “Video killed the Radio Star”. It was sung by a group called The Buggles. This was a very…show more content…
There are other networks that MTV and Viacom own. They own VH1 that was released in 1985 and its purpose was to play adult contemporary. Then, in 1996, MTV2 was released to allow fans to see commercial free music videos. MTV (the original) became available in Manhattan and Los Angeles. Many people called this the second launch of MTV. They also own all Nickelodeon stations, Comedy Central, and CMT. This is not all; it is just a few that you may know. Although MTV has been very popular, it has also had a few controversial shows that some fans did not agree with. “Beavis and Butthead” was very controversial because some viewers felt that it was pointless and that the language was a bad influence for some of the younger audience that watched it. “Celebrity Deathmatch” was a part of this list because it made fun of the celebrities and it had bad language and violence. “16 and Pregnant” was another show that some people did not like because it could encourage some of the younger viewers to engage in sexual intercourse which is the problem with the people on the show. It is meant to deter kids from ending up like that but it only encourages some. “Jersey Shore” was the last show that people did not agree with. They believe that the people on the show are irresponsible and kids these days may think it’s cool and try to be like them. Over the years, MTV has had an impact on our generation, but also on our parents’ generation. A lot of
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