Much Ado About Nothing In William Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing

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On November 26, 2017, at approximately 3:00 p.m. I attended a performance titled Much Ado About Nothing, directed by Ann Ciccolella that took place at Rollins Theatre in Austin, Texas. The specific play, Much Ado About Nothing, is a romantic comedy written by Shakespeare, which details the accounts of two specific relationships, one being Hero and Claudio and the other being Beatrice and Benedick, that go through various turmoil, but nonetheless conclude with a relatively positive outcome.
The primary exposition begins with a depiction of Benedick’s desire to live a life forever as a bachelor for he doubts he could ever love a woman wholey, while his friend, Claudio, began to take a liking to the daughter of Leonato, Hero. The audience is also shown the disposition of Beatrice who has an uncanny similarity in belief as that of Benedick. The development, and ultimate unity, in the relationship with Beatrice and Benedick is caused by deception of a variety of the characters throughout the play, for they convinced both Beatrice and Benedick that one was in love with the other. Lastly, Hero and Claudio’s relationship begins strong, is upset by false news of her being disloyal, and later concludes when they both realize deception had taken place.
My experience with this particular performance may be slightly amplified due to the fact, and one may think this is a lie, that the actor who plays Benedick, Marc Pouhe, sat next to me as a part of his skit. The sheer essence of feeling
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