Much Ado About Nothing By William Shakespeare

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Much Ado about Nothing is a humorous play by William Shakespeare set in the city of Messina located in southern Italy. The acts have two main locations; Leonato’s house and his orchard. The others were sidelines; the church and the street where Dogberry and Verges discovered the villainy. Many scenes take place inside the several rooms of Leonato’s house, including scene 4 of Act 3. The main emergence of Benedick and Beatrice’s love story takes place in the orchard, without which the play is incomplete. The discovery of the evil plans of Don John by Dogberry and Verges, however, take place at a night time in order to create the suspension of what is about to happen in the dark hours of the night. Act 3 Scene 5 also takes place inside of Leonato’s house where the watchmen are unable to convince Leonato to interview the two men caught plotting against Hero.
The genre of this play is comedy accompanied by dramatic action. The theme revolves around women being the center of attention playing a powerful role as compared to the men who are working as soldiers and are weaker than the women when it comes to love; emotionally. Shakespeare also uses clothing as a reflection of status. For example, Hero is dressed in a beautiful gown with a headdress which is considered as a rare fashion just like the dress of the Duchess of Milan by Margaret (Act 3 scene 4, lines 14 – 15) proving that Hero belonged to the elite class.
The writer sets up his characters in very sharp differences as…
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