Much Ado About Nothing by Shakespeare, A Comical Story of Misunderstanding and Funny Feuds

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With a Shout Much Ado about Nothing by William Shakespeare, is a comical story of misunderstandings and funny feuds, but also contains heartfelt love stories, one in which contains an horrible miscalculation that leads to heartbreak and "death." That story is one of Hero, the governors daughter, who falls in love with Count Claudio, a lord from Florence. Claudio undoubtably feels the same and they quickly become engaged to be married the next week. All is well until the evil Don John devises a plan to ruin their upcoming marriage and pulls a stunt to trick Claudio into believing that Hero has been disloyal. At their wedding ceremony the following day, Claudio publicly shames Hero by revealing …show more content…

I remember it so clearly. I was in the yard with my friend, laughing and talking, and then in the distance I heard shouting. It came closer and closer, until my dad appeared at the gate to my house and I could finally make out the words he was saying,"It's Rocket! Hurry, Rocket's been hit!" Those few words stabbed at my chest like a cold knife, twisting and slicing through me like nothing I've ever experienced. My dog, the sweet, innocent little puppy I'd come to love and adore over the years, had been hit. My feet acting before my mind could, I ran to follow my father who had already began to run down our dirt road, to wherever Rocket was. My bar feet had hit the ground hard, pounding over sharp rocks and sticks, but the pain in my feet was nothing compared to pain in my chest. My heart ached and my chest burned as I ran with all intent to the scene of the crime. We reached the highway near my house, and without a second thought I ran across. Rocket lay on the side of the road, helpless and scared. A family who had seen the accident had pulled over to help out, and began to explain what they had seen. A car, speeding along the highway, had ran right over Rocket like he was a tumbleweed. He hadn't even stopped to help, but instead had sped off; a hit and run. Soon after, Rocket passed away, and I hold many great memories of him in my heart and mind, but there is one bad one I

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