Much Ado About Nothing by Shakespeare, A Comical Story of Misunderstanding and Funny Feuds

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With a Shout
Much Ado about Nothing by William Shakespeare, is a comical story of misunderstandings and funny feuds, but also contains heartfelt love stories, one in which contains an horrible miscalculation that leads to heartbreak and "death." That story is one of Hero, the governors daughter, who falls in love with Count Claudio, a lord from Florence. Claudio undoubtably feels the same and they quickly become engaged to be married the next week. All is well until the evil Don John devises a plan to ruin their upcoming marriage and pulls a stunt to trick Claudio into believing that Hero has been disloyal. At their wedding ceremony the following day, Claudio publicly shames Hero by revealing that she has lost her honor to another man, turning everyone against her. Hero, of course, is innocent, but only a few believe this. This scenario is, of course, horrible to witness as a reader and viewer who knows the truth, and drags on for far too long. Hero's situation is one where no matter how much she protests and demands that she has been wrongfully accused, she is not listened to. Once it has been suggested, by the simple power of words, not even physical proof that can be shown to anyone questioning it, that Hero has lost her virginity, all hope is lost for Hero. Her pleas won't be heard, no one will believe her word over a mans, and she has lost everything in one moment, a blink of eye and the weddings off and she is shamed by…