Multicultural Competency Essay

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Ethical and Multicultural Self-Assessment Importance of ethical and multicultural competency to the practice of professional psychology is to “know thy cultural self” is the recommended motto for trainees with regard to two developmental tasks: self-exploration about one's own cultural heritage and understanding and valuing the differences of others” (Roysircar, 2004). Roysircar (2004) said that being able to embrace diversity into your approach to assessment and discretion is an essential part of the process of treatment and its outcomes. Cultural Awareness Moreover, Roysircar (2004) stated that when a counselor is accomplished he or she is aware of attitudes, and beliefs. This empathy sees client’s attitudes and beliefs from a unique …show more content…

The diverse background will come along with them, and they will also adjust. Therapists must be open, and base that on how to counsel. Furthermore, the competency exam showed me that I do not know everything about multicultural counseling. A Psychologist must be open, ask questions, include family, and use interpreter resources. Ignorance is not an excuse for rudeness. Always show respect, and find a common ground to build into a therapeutic relationship. Correct Diagnosis Concerns  Patients fear misunderstanding.  Psychologist may not be familiar with minority mental health conditions.  Psychologist may fail to take into account different responses to medications.  Miscommunication diagnostic errors.  Psychologist may order too few or too many diagnostic tests to compensate for not understanding what their patients are saying (Did you know, n.d.). Cultural Competency Issues Moreover, minority and immigrant patients in the United States who go to traditional healers and use traditional medicines avoid traditional Western treatments (Management Sciences, n.d.). Next, which of the following is sound advice for a provider attempting to use and interpret non-verbal communication (Management Sciences, n.d.)? Hispanics sometimes smile when they disagree. Out of respect for a patient’s privacy, the provider should always start a relationship by seeing an adult patient alone and drawing the family in as needed

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