Multiculturalism : A Culturally Diverse Groups

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Multiculturalism The concept of multiculturalism is a very important concept in modern societies, which include a culturally diverse groups. Those groups have problems about the unity in the framework of diversity , and harmony in the context of respect for difference . Since the concept of citizenship provides us with a legal and cultural framework and social coexistence positive among the diverse citizens culturally , it raises the need to examine the relationship between citizenship and multiculturalism. United states and Europe are Totally difirent in their multiculturalism styles. Thirty years ago, it was considered by many Europeans that multiculturalism( society being diverse and united at the same…show more content…
Citizenship in the simplest sense involving the double right that others will know you, and also your right to fight for others recognize you, therefore citizenship is composed of a set of rights and practices of collective participation which reflects the awareness of the common characteristics between communities and minorities are all within the same State, even if differed among themselves, there is a common space between all; so the change should not be done by the state or the government or the force of law, but must be for the members of the community themselves in the role of payment towards mobilizing the forces of change and the institutions of civil society pressure groups. Europe has allowed large numbers of immigrants without paying attention to the issue of the integration of the European body that number, which led to the erosion of social cohesion and undermine national identities, and declining public confidence in politicians. Pro multiculturalism, on the other hand, saying that the decline is due to the growing racism. But the truth is more complex than claimed by the parties, especially since much of what is said is outside the framework of the subject. Multiculturalism has become a peg for other social and political issues: immigration, identity, disappointment and political hope, and lower working class. Many countries have followed their own tracks to address the issue. Britain has sought to give the various minorities an equal share
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