Multiculturalism And The Identity Of Canada

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Have you ever glanced at a person who appears to be different and immediately averted your gaze to avoid eye contact? Of course you have, we are all guilty of this. Was this based on the person’s race? The way the dressed perhaps? Or maybe it was neither of these, but yet for some reason you felt as though you could not trust them. This concept of trust is the motivating factor for this paper. You will find that there are numerous ways that you interact in situations which require societal trust without even knowing. It begins at the very top, with our governments and policies, and then funnels through every network of the public sphere down to the diverse individuals whose identities are determined by differing levels of trust. Multiculturalism is found at the very centre of this. The appreciation of others and respect for other cultures is the premise of multiculturalism and is intended to prevent racial divides and conflict from arising. When executed correctly, it has the power and ability to allow for trust among one another, which is pivotal for a cohesive and ethnically diverse society. Our identity is what makes each of us unique. It is not just based on documents that designate a birth name, but instead personality, individuality, beliefs, and a slew of other factors that reach far beyond the surface. The same goes for the identity of a country, or even nations within a state. Think of the identity of Canada, it is difficult to do correct? That is because Canada
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