Multiculturalism In Canada Essay

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In 1971, Canada became the first country in the world to create an official policy of multiculturalism. The Multiculturalism Policy of Canada, as it was known at the time, affirmed the equality of all Canadians regardless of their ethnic background, culture, religion, or language. Moreover, it recognized the value of combining cultures to create a unique Canadian identity. Cultural expression was encouraged, with multicultural activities such as festivals and heritage classes taking place across the nation. This policy achieved its goal of preventing racism by overriding a history of assimilation and instead encouraging Canadians to celebrate their unique heritage.

This event deserves the rating of +2 because it introduced a period of prosperity for Canada, as encouraged an atmosphere of acceptance within Canada. This event also caused profound, widespread, and long lasting change. The change brought on by this policy signaled a profound change in Canada’s views on multiculturalism, with attempts at assimilation finally being pushed aside and the benefits of a multicultural society being …show more content…

In 1973 changes were made to this act. Some believed that the right of someone facing deportation to appeal the decision was inefficient, as it allowed the person to stay in the country until their case was heard, which could take years. In order to combat this issue, the Canadian government repealed the universal right to appeal, deciding that of those those facing deportation, only landed immigrants, those who had been issued a visa overseas, and “bona-fide” refugees had the right to appeal their deportation. Therefore, many people who faced deportation were unable to plead their case and were instead automatically removed from the

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