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Multilingualism: How To Understand Others Language is one of mankind’s most powerful inventions. From the scribbles in caves, thousand-page stories of a French Revolution, to men and women standing in front of thousands eager to listen; the written, spoken, and orations of language is a vital component of the human experience. Interestingly, the greater an individual’s mastery of language the greater his or her ability to understand the world itself, and more importantly those that live on it. The following is going to be an in-depth analysis of the impact multilingualism has on an individual’s perception, exposure, and appreciation of foreign cultures. First, multilingualism has several benefits to people without taking culture …show more content…

In other words, learning a language sometimes means learning a culture. (Elmes 4-7) Aside from learning a culture in the form of its cuisine, traditions, beliefs, etc. When learning a language people learn how language interacts with how people think. The concept Linguistic determinism, first introduced in the early 20th century under linguistic research conducted by Edward Sapir and Benjamin Lee Whorf. (Linguistic Society of America) The idea that proposed stated that language influences how a person thinks; it mainly cites differences between languages means some people can’t understand certain concepts. However, researchers and professional debunked the extremism of the original concept, instead, it now explains the slight nuances that lost in translation and how they relate to culture and thought. (Elmes 13-15) Through language acquisition, people learn these aspects of a culture linked to language. For example, one study by Sapir and Whorf involved the language Guugu Yimithirr (spoken in North Queensland, Australia). This language does not use prepositions or prepositional phrases that explain the placement of people or objects, instead defines a position in relation to the cardinal directions. (Deutscher 2010) So, in this example, people who speak this language have a to constantly be aware of north, south, east, and west, in fact, children in this area

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