Multinational Corporations ( Mncs ) Role

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The primary purpose of this essay is to evaluate the Multinational Corporations (MNCs) role in discharging their ethical and philanthropy beyond the statutory requirements and its implications on the reporting system.
The globalisation and liberalisation and the technology are the key factors driving the MNCs to go beyond the statutory requirements (Rondinelli, 2002). He argued that the Trans-National Corporations (TNCs) more powerful and equal with the government strength and they can do the philanthropy works where the government is not able to do.
To the further discussion, TNCs are really capable of going beyond their obligations. Let’s demonstrate through the statistical information, the total sales turnover of 4 top companies in United States of America (USA) namely General Electronic, Ford, Toyota, Wal-Mart was $1.3 trillion dollar. Which is nearly greater than the Gross Net Product (GNP) of 100 countries put together. Institutional investor’s interest has grown in the recent years. In the USA the Corporate Social Responsibility assets were worth of $2.2 trillion dollars in the year 2003 and they are maintained by the Professional Corporates. Can they afford to do beyond their capabilities?. The issue of sustainability development is really important in terms of long term Contract. The company has to focus whether the investment on the projects will provide better human development and equitable benefits to all. (Nelson, 2000, p66)
TNCs are treated as the Corporate
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