Multiple Definitions Of Domestic Violence

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Domestic Violence
Domestic violence can be defined as a number of disagreements between two individuals. Most recently, people have looked beyond the traditional definition of DV and has transcend beyond the norm known as violence between a man and women. In this book, three authors attempt to explained the multiple definitions of domestic violence, the type of individuals who are subjectable to DV and the type of services needed to help not only the victims but also the perpetrators of domestic violence. The book also gives an in depth exposition about dating violence and the social issues surrounding the different relationships. Each chapter is based on recent research conducted in different countries by researches of multiple disciplines.
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Each paper explains how services must be rendered to not only the victims of DV but also the secondary victims and perpetrators. Additionally, intervention programs must be equipped to address domestic violence in a non-gender and non-stigmatizing manner to both the survivor and the perpetrator. Within the intervention programs, it’s important for programs to eliminate the blame label so that the cycle of violence does not continue. It is imperative that programs and researchers strive to alter public acceptance of domestic violence and educate the next generation on health relationships.

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It’s important to note that all research completed in this text was performed in multiple countries in order to give readers a versatile response to domestic violence.
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