Multiple Sclerosis Essay

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Multiple Sclerosis Look around, chances are you or someone in the room either has or knows someone with multiple sclerosis. However, you probably would not be able to tell just by looking at someone if they have MS and that is arguably one of the most frustrating effects of MS. In fact there are a lot of frustrations related to this disease, it affects every patient differently, it is difficult to diagnose, symptoms are merely managed, it is unpredictable and life altering for those with it and for those that care for them. It is estimated that over two and a half million people worldwide are affected by MS. Two hundred new diagnosis are reported every week in the United States alone, and the numbers of cases are likely much higher than…show more content…
Brain signals can often not reach their destination because of the damage to the nerves. What causes the damage to the myelin? Basically, T-cells which are part of white blood cells. Normally, white blood cells attack foreign substances such as viruses and bacteria or other foreign tissues but in people with MS these cells get confused and attack myelin which is why MS is considered an autoimmune deficiency. MS is often disabling meaning that a wheelchair is needed. However, people with this disease suffer from a wide variety of problems, from trouble walking and maintaining balance, muscle weakness, spasms, pain, fatigue, sensation of numbness, and vision problems to name a few. These symptoms are often in recurring periods of time with worsening symptoms, people who suffer from MS have moments where the symptoms are hardly noticeable, and moments when the symptoms are very severe (NMSS). Even though, we understand that T-cells have gone rogue and cause the damage to the myelin no one understands why the T-cells start to attack the myelin to begin with. However, there is interesting data that suggest that genetics, a person's environment, and possibly even a virus may play a role”(WebMD). These theories have yet to be proven and subsequently prevents a cure. It is for that reason, symptoms are treated and managed to try to improve the life of people that have MS. Treatment typically focuses on speeding
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