Multiple Sclerosis (MSS)

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Multiple Sclerosis
Multiple Sclerosis or “MS” is a very different disease there isn’t an exact cause as to why MS occurs but researchers have stated that it affects the central nervous system of the body so the body is having a disruption of messages that are supposed to be sent to the brain (Danette). The central nervous system is made up of your spine, brain and optic nerves (eye nerves). The immune system become sensitized and will mistakenly attack myelin which is the neurons that let us think, see, speak, hear and feel and when that myelin is attacked at it, it makes those five important functions difficult to do but it’s different for every person (What is MS?).
MS can somewhat be hard to diagnose because there’s no test for it but there’s
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The second stage/type is called relapsing-remitting stage and this is the most common stage, in the RRMS stage you are able to define the attacks or symptoms and you have lots of relapses, but the symptoms may disappear at the same time. The third stage/type is Primary Progressive MS in this stage the neurological functions start to worsen but only 15% of those that are diagnosed with this kind have this certain type of MS and you have even more symptoms showing. The fourth and final stage is called secondary Progressive MS (SPMS) and this is what you would call the “worst stage” because the neurological damage is so bad and the symptoms just worsen (What is…show more content…
One that has MS has to spend a lot of time coping with the disease so there life is changed, some have become so involved with helping with research for a cure, if you didn’t have the disease individuals wouldn’t care to help out so much so it’s believed by many that suffer that the positive outlook is that you’ll become more involved in society and your community (Valentine). But the negative impact that comes along with it could be gaining depression because you have so much emotion burden, you’re always having to have assistance with everything you do and sometimes that’s just inconvenient, the person will also have to change their diets because certain liquids and solids can irritate the immune system and cause the disease to worsen, such as alcohol. Alcohol should be cut of one’s diet because the meds you take to help you can really affect the liver and it doesn’t help having alcohol there to flare it up as well. But no matter what an MS patient just wants to lead on a normal life and be treated normally as if nothing is really happening to the individual
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