Multiple Sclerosis: The Immune System

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Multiple Sclerosis is a disease that affects nearly one-quarter million American of which most are

women. Multiple Sclerosis (M.S.) is a disease in which the immune system that is very unpredictable,

but isn’t considered untreatable. M.S. eats away at the protective covering of the nerves in which these

regions of the brain have been stripped of myelin; the fatty covering that insulates the nerve fibers

which help in the transmission of messages to the nervous system.

People with M.S. may have many symptoms. Impaired vision is one in which the optic nerve becomes

Inflamed and can cause loss of sight or double vision. Vertigo and hearing loss are symptoms, but less

common than vision problems. The most common symptom in diagnosing …show more content…

Beta Seron and Avonex, a native human protein, helps in reducing the symptoms but has

several bad side effects. Prednisone reduces of “flares” but also has unpleasant side effects.

Scientists are exploring immune modulation that aims at restraining the T-cells that attack myelin.

The procedure that is designed to offer a permanent cure is bone marrow transplantation by replacing

the patient's immune system that won't attack myelin but the risk of dying of infection is high.

The main goal for patients with M.S. is to live a healthy lifestyle, by minimizing stress and preserving

strength. Physical therapy and exercising daily are also beneficial. Living with M.S. takes a great

emotional toll on the patient, so psychotherapy can help with coping with the frustrations that come

with M.S.

I chose this topic, because I have a family friend that has been diagnosed with advanced M.S. He is

currently using a cane and sometimes a wheelchair. He has loss of his bowels some days as well. He and

his wife are trying to raise money to send him out of the country to do the bone marrow procedure,

because it is not approved in the United States at this

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