Murder on a Sunday Morning

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When it comes down to a film or television series that is known as a popular hit, most people may consider something along the lines of a comedy or drama. No one, in my opinion, gives much thought into viewing a film such as a documentary. A person may say or hear the word ‘documentary’ and particular stereotypical views such as elderly-people-sitting-around-on-a-Sunday-afternoon-with-nothing- better-to-do, or the history channel perhaps come to mind. Not many individuals give documentaries a chance, but I would encourage the viewing of the Academy award-winning documentary, Murder on a Sunday Morning, also known as Un Coupable Ideal, directed by the French-film maker Jean-Xavier de Lestrade. On the Sunday morning of May 7th, 2000, a …show more content…

These examples show that there are many flaws in the judicial system, but it doesn’t mean that all cases happen to turn out like this one had. As well as the lack of investigation in the Butler case, there is also proof of violence towards Butler while they were supposedly in search of the weapon that killed Stephens the early morning of May 7th.

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