Muscadine Grape Farm Case Study

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The Muscadine grape farm must take action to void the business partnership with the health food products business operated by Marshall Peterson. Marshall operates by deceit and puts his greed as a priority over the well-being of the Muscadine grape farm. In addition, Marshall’s wife, Gloria, may be oblivious to the crooked actions of her husband. However, a boy 17 years of age is legally not able to enter into a contract representing the Muscadine grape farm of his parents. If proper procedures were taken by Marshall to establish the contract between his health food products business and the Muscadine grape farm business, the questionable acts of this scenario would have different alternatives of resolution. However, Marshall knowingly…show more content…
Since the boy knew nothing beyond the role of a delivery-boy, Marshall saw it as a prime opportunity to have the contract signed, knowing that the boy would not ask questions. This predicament shines a light on the Garden of Eden when Lucifer tempted Eve. Significantly noted, Eve was innocent as a child, yet Lucifer was cunning. Lucifer, just as Marshall, waited for the perfect opportunity to deceive their prey. Furthermore, if a detailed explanation of what the contract entailed had been given by Marshall, the boy might have mentioned the contract to his parents. Moreover, the Muscadine grape farm owners were taken by shock once they were made aware of the contract that Marshall willingly faxed to them once superior offers had been made to the Muscadine grape farm. Since Marshall knew the quality of these Muscadine grapes, he had prepared for this moment that competition would present itself. In conclusion, Marshall’s actions whether in good faith or without faith are not based on honesty or integrity, which characterizes good…show more content…
Marshall can state that according to the statutory and doctrinal framework, “the bargain of the parties in fact as found in their language or by implication from other circumstances including course of dealing or usage of trade or course of performance…” (Bernstein, 2016). Furthermore, the Muscadine grape farm’s act of good faith established an unspoken acceptance of Marshall’s late
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