Music : A New Form Of Music

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In the late 19th century a new form of music began to blossom in what was known as the deep south of the United States. This new form of music began as chants and call and response in the slave fields and on farms and began to incorporate traditional African music, singing and chants. The themes mostly consisting of hard times and emotional turmoil in its beginning stages. Over the years it grew and developed until it had become what we now know today as 'The Blues '.

The first stage of the blues we know about were African slave chants. They were mostly call and response songs and occasionally a narrative song with an occasional call and response or clapping element. These songs often mixed with their traditional African music and songs. This gave their field cants a very somber and foreign sound that caught quickly amongst other slaves as they were traded back and forth. The songs they sang were traded with them and they became quite popular. Over time these chants turned into gospel and religious songs with a bit of the southern twang added in because of the area that the African Americans lived. The songs were mostly about the working in the fields or on the farms, religion and the thought of freedom and of heaven. Which the common thought about blues is, it is all about depressing things and events, but there is also quite a lot about overcoming adversity and dreaming of a better life. For quite a long time the blues stayed down in the south where it was born and then

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