Music And The Negative Effects Of Heavy Metal Music

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Heavy metal music is often criticized for being a negative influence due to the lyrical content and aesthetics of the genre. For those unfamiliar with heavy metal, it is easy to make this correlation because of the darker and often taboo subject matter present throughout the music. With a little more analysis, however, it can be discovered that these same aspects thought to be negative actually bring forth positive results among metal listeners. What is found in heavy metal music is actually a display of emotions and energy that often have a purging effect which helps listeners of metal cope with the constantly changing world around them. Heavy metal is used as a tool for expressing emotion in a nonviolent way, rather than through physical destruction sought by some other genres.
Heavy metal is a lot like an experiment to the people who do not understand it or those who dislike it. They look at it as a disgrace, dissect it, run tests on it, and analyze the results in order to get ammunition to put it down.
Researchers from the University of Queensland in Australia have found that when volunteers were exposed to extreme music genres including heavy metal, emo, hardcore, punk, and screamo, they actually experienced a range of positive feelings, such as calmness, happiness or being inspired. The study, conducted by honours student Leah Sharman and psychologist Genevieve Dingle and published in the June 26, 2015 edition of Science Alert by writer Peter Dockrill , took 39

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