Music Elements: Music Analysis

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Use of Elements
Melody is the the succession of single tones in musical compositions. This was used very well throughout the concert. The flutes were incredible as they were high notes then percussion made a statement by low notes. Trumpets took part in making a statement for a being loud and in charge.
Harmony is the simultaneous combination of tones, especially when blended into chords pleasing to the ear; chordal structure. Each of the symphonic band’s pieces flowed together great! The instruments all correlated together often emphasising on a certain instrument more than others. An example is the drums kept a steady beat throughout different songs to tie the music all together.
Rhythm is the pattern of regular or irregular pulses caused
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The beat was very very different. Each element changed often. Never was the beat kept for too long at a time.
Timbre is the characteristic quality of sound produced by a particular instrument or voice. The sound was very loud. The pitch got extremely high and intense at times.
Speculate about meaning or intention
The performance from the symphonic band was great! This was their spring concert. The songs consisted of Golden Jubilee March, Corsican Litany, In the Temple of Zion, Grieg, and The Hounds of Spring. The songs were correlated around the spring time feeling. The songs were happy, and cheerful. I had a electronic excited feeling throughout the concert. The artist talked about some vacations taken during spring break; some of these trips consisted on going to Moab Utah, and Colorado. During the songs being played the notes felt like I was going on an adventure.
Prior to the concert starting the instructor started off with talking about the heat in the recital hall. The instruments occasionally will play sharp because of the heat. I didn’t notice at all.
I thoroughly enjoyed this concert! I was amazed of the difference from high school band to collegiate
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