Music In Schools

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Music is a subject almost everyone enjoys, but is slowly being stripped away from the school systems. The education of music goes far beyond just playing an instrument to a beat. Skills in discipline, memorization, emotional developments, team work, and so many other skills will be discovered. With all of the benefits in music programs why are they being cut out? The biggest misconception about music programs is the lack of careers available in the field. When in actuality, music thrives with many chances at a profession. You could be involved in performance, composition, instrument repair, store salesman, teacher, professor, private lessons, conductor, or many other options. Administrators and parents believe standard core classes are more …show more content…

Her quote states, “The fact that children can make beautiful music is less significant than the fact that music can make beautiful children”. Cheryl spends her time creating songs and lesson plans to encourage students in musical programs. Her message is trying to convey that music improves children. She is using this statement to reach parents and administrators to convince them that music will improve their children’s abilities in other areas. This quote made her famous because so many parents desire for their children to achieve great things and be a well-rounded individual at the same time. A study throughout Los Angeles and Chicago was conducted with hundreds of students to see the affects of music on the brain. The children became socially active and began to recognize pitch faster if they had a musical background. The children were asked to tap their finger to a beat. It is known that rhythm is an important part in language. Musically inclined children had a faster response to speech sounds than non-musical children. This provides an example of how music helps children comprehend and recognize what they read at an enhanced

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