Music Performance Anxiety

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Performance anxiety is a difficult thing to handle for many pupils and an important discussion that educators often deliver. The article determines a model of music performance anxiety (MPA) based on working memory and attentional processes. This model is an easy-to-understand (and easy-to-communicate) for students of all ages. It is then used to arrange methods for performance anxiety to lessen, describing how each method work. This article also provides practical exercises to help students understand and manage performance anxiety.
Experiencing a little nervousness or uneasiness to move is quite common among students and professionals. Recognizing and knowing that one is not alone in feeling MPA are the first few steps to solve the …show more content…

There are also inventions to meet the objectives to maximize the scratch pad efficiency and to minimize the frequency and influence of pop-ups; they will be summarized below.
For the first invention, one must focus on the preparation, requiring little conscious attention, and taking up little space on the “scratch pad”. In the writers’ perspective, the purpose of preparation is to create “shortcuts” that will make resulting patterns of complex motor actions (like for example, the fingering sequence) more or less automatic. While in the process, an approach can be marking one’s music at critical points, such as where accidentals appear and the location of key or tempo changes; another would be using different colored sticky notes as cues for some aspects of playing. The mentor must also be willing to help the student perhaps through bringing one to the performance venue, letting each rehearse in the performance order, and requiring one to assume a “ready position” every time he/she steps on the podium.
As for the second and third invention, one must increase his/her focal attention. To pay attention to your music, not too much attention to pop-ups, is the attentional process to be cultivated; trying to suppress or fight negative thoughts may be counterproductive; one must be selective about when and what to recognize and respond. One can pay attention to his/her own breathing by

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