Music Piracy Essay

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Music Piracy: From the Pirates Perspective

I don't wear a black patch over my eye. I don't have any missing limbs, replaced by a hook or a wooden leg that clicks when I walk. I have never owned a parrot; I don't have a cool name like Black Beard or Calico Jack; I don't even have a big, black hat. Though I lack all the defining characteristics, I am a pirate. My ship is a laptop computer and my booty is not measured by dollars and cents, but by precious kilobytes. With the aide of my spy glass, the KaZaa Media Desktop, I discern my next target. Wielding my trusty mouse, I make a few clicks, issue commands, board ship, and hijack the music recording industry, claiming yet another copyrighted song as my own.

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I sacrificed blood, sweat, and hours upon hours of my life, all for my love of music. After graduating high school, I packed my bags, and my CD cases, and headed off to college. Then disaster struck.

When I arrived at my new home, I immediately scoured the streets, searching for a music store. I found the only location in the area and excitedly perused the selection. When I picked up a copy of the new Red Hot Chili Peppers CD, I was shocked. CD prices had spiked up to $18 and $19. Such a price was unthinkable considering the new list of expenses that came with being on my own. Devastated, I was forced to go home empty handed, defeated by the industry I had supported since I was a kid. For the next two years I brooded over my dilemma, unable to satisfy my musical craving. As new albums continued to come out, I was forced to rely on the radio, and that was no way to live. Then one day my friend introduced me to KaZaa, and everything changed.

Napster had already been shut down, so at first I was timid. I knew sharing music was illegal, but millions of other people were doing the same thing; and besides, after years of support, these musicians owed me. I typed in Red Hot Chili Peppers, and soon I had a huge list of songs in front of me. I clicked on "Californication" and watched my computer seize the promise of new music, a few kilobytes at a time. When it finished, I listened to the song as loud as I could, just to convince myself

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