Music : The Art Of Music

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For centuries music, has been an essential part of society, it has provided entertainment for the masses for generations. However, around the 1960s music became something more than just entertainment something more than just something to sing and dance to, but a platform for self-expression and an avenue for the social movements of time. Music enables activism and social justice to be brought to the forefront whether consumers like it or not. At its very core music is art and how those artists over the past five decades have used their medium to bring attention to causes of their choices varies, it universally has become a tool help others and bring attention whether wanted or unwanted to injustices all over the world.

There first decade examined in the 1960’s a decade that marks a turning point in music, in which it goes from being just entertainment to a much-needed platform that can bring attention injustices. The 1960s were supposed to be the beginning of the new frontier as past leadership styles were left behind in the 1950’s for a more forward thinking ideology led by President John F. Kennedy. This change in American society was short-lived as President Kennedy and desired progression of the nation would be put on hold following his assassination in 1963. With the return of the same old government American society would see the rise of the counterculture movement would take old in various parts of the country. From San Francisco to the Greenwich Village neighborhood

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