Music from Italy and England

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In the 16th century, only a few Europeans were able to read and write. However, by 1500, more people became literate due to the increased number of printed material that was presented to them. Italy and England were some of the places that were greatly influenced by the renaissance. Music is one area that greatly improved during those years as the Italians took the Trecento Madrigal music. While in England, they used the Elizabethan Madrigal form of music. These two traditions greatly related to each other in many ways.
The madrigal was a secular music composition that was discovered during the Renaissance and Baroque years (Adorno 19). They originated in Italy around 1520 and were thoroughly composed. Jacopo da Bologna is an artist who was a Trecento composer and started a movement in Italy.” Italy was the homeland of roman antiquity”(Fiero). Jacopo da Bologna was among the first composers of this genre of music in Italy making him very popular. His music had sweet melodies that made it very clean. Nevertheless, many more musicians were highly involved in this movement, and they found themselves singing in Spain, Rome, Venice, Milan, and Florence. The movement helped the native composers to change their older styles and incorporate the Trecento style of music.
On the other hand, England was using the Cappela Madrigal for its music. It was lighter in style, unlike the Italian style. Alfonso Ferrabosco highly influenced the growth in England as he worked in the Queen

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