Music in the Civil War

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Music in the Civil War The North and the South both used music extensively during the Civil War. They used it to rally troops, to march by, as recreation, and many more reasons. When the soldiers would march off to war, they took a love of song that was divided among them. General Robert E. Lee once said, “Without music, there would have been no army, music is as indispensable to warfare as money.” Alot of the time the North and the South would borrow each others tunes and lyrics. Often times the night before a battle both sides would play against each other. It was not uncommon for each side to serenade each other. Battle would even stop while a concert was held. Band concerts were a popular form of entertainment and pianos graced the…show more content…
in July 1861, a Union army regulation of requiring every infantry, artillery, or cavalry company to have 2 musicians and for every regiment there to be a 24 man band. This requirement was ignored as the war dragged on because riflemen were needed more than musicians. July 1862 the Union brass bands were disassembled, although soldiers that comprised them were reenlisted and assigned to musician roles. A survey found that 75% of Union regiments had a band. By December, the Union had 28,000 musicians in 618 bands in the army. One out of forty-one who served were a musician, as the same in the Confederate army. Musicians were given special privileges like, having the best horses and special uniforms. Union drummers wore white straps to support their drums. This was because many believed that music did its share, and more than its share in winning the war. Some required musicians were drummer boys younger than teenage years.This allowed adult men to be a soldier instead of a musician in the war. Different instruments for these songs included; bugles, drums, and fifes. The fife and drum dates back to the 1530’s Swiss Army. It arrived from Europe into the colonial America and instantly became a traditional music for the military. Fife and drums were used as a way of communication in battle. Drummers had to learn 39 different beats. 24 were used for marching cadence and 14 were for general use. The brass band era became popular in the 1850’s.

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