Musical Progress Essay

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What is progress in terms of music? Progress like in anything is innovation, something new or something people have never seen or heard before. When it comes to music so many things have already been done and so many things have been recycled within new pieces of music. In the first half of the 20th century major progress was made in music, this progress was done by composers like George Gershwin and Igor Stravinsky. The two composers although of diverse musical genres and particular time periods had a common theme, they both created music that pushed the boundaries for their respective styles. Gershwin with his early Jazz pieces and Stravinsky with his early neoclassicist work both created pieces that are still performed in the 2000’s.…show more content…
Like his antithesis Strauss, he was a time‐traveller, at home in centuries other than his own.”1 (Oxford dictionary of music) The reference of Stravinsky as a “Time Traveler” lends credibility to his progressiveness, Histoire du Soldat provides an example of his progressive nature and a new skin for him to wear. In Histoire Stravinsky preserves aspects of his earlier works while integrating aspects of older classical music giving it a more modern feel, hence it being neoclassicism. Stravinsky’s strong point in the piece seems to be his ability to amalgamate, we here the likes of many genres including a tango in unison with the sounds of fiddle music. What makes Histoire progressive is not the fact it was the first piece to integrate different styles of music or musical aesthetics, (It wasn’t) it was the fact that he was able to refine and structure it in a way that was new and innovative for the time period. By comparing two of Stravinsky’s more important and respected pieces, The Rite of Spring and Histoire du Soldat, progress can be measured by both differences and development within the pieces. While many similarities can be seen in the two pieces, including melodies and rhythms, the differences are what set them apart and show the progress. Histoire’s differences start with the revival of many classical structures in music in combination with the much praised
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