Muslim And Non Muslim Women

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Right up till the present time, head covers assume an important part in numerous religions, including Judaism and Catholic Christianity, but for Muslim lady wearing veil implies a lot. Most regularly, it is worn by Muslim ladies as an image of modesty and security. For some ladies it is the most genuine trial of being a Muslim. Some Muslim ladies trust that God has instructed them to monitor their modesty and wear the hijab with poise and self-regard, where they are satisfied to be recognized as perfect and virtuous Muslim ladies, however, there are various Muslim and non-Muslim both are think about that whether the wearing of Hijab, Naqab and Burqa is a Muslim women identity, are they truly essential for them and the misconception of …show more content…

Quran gave the declaration to the woman to “draw their veils over their bosoms” (Quran, 24:31) which mean they have to cover their upper part include head but wearing naqab (face cover) or burqa is not necessary. They can wear anything as long as it is not see through and covering their whole body.
As indicated by Islam both men and ladies have very much characterized rules for outfit and modesty. For ladies it constitutes covering their hairs and body parts with the exception of hands above wrists, feet beneath lower legs and face. That is why most of the Muslim women try to follow the Islamic rules. It is essential for them as their faith otherwise it can be counted as a sin. Kadri also wrote in his article that:“they should be allowed to wear what they like but the name of Allah should not be invoked as long as they dress in a decent and respectable manner (Kadri, 2007, 31)” . By his statement Kadri attempt to state that a Muslim women can wear anything they want as long as they are following the shariya (the Islamic law).It will be absolutely their decision if they want to wear Burqa or naqab because, In light of the fact that in Quran it never says that Women need to cover their face .So all things considered it is not important to wear the naqab or burqa but rather just the hijab. However, not all Muslim

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