Muslim Civilization Research Paper

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The Muslim Civilization was very successful. They had very many inventions that shaped who we are today, such as the camera, clocks, surgery, and airplanes (yes - they were thinking about humans flying WAY before the Wright Brothers!). One of the coolest inventions was the clocks. They helped humans track time and not be late for everything. “Clocks and timekeeping were one of the most significant developments of Muslim civilisation. Scholars, inventors and craftsmen made innovative automata, carried out detailed mathematical analysis, constructed intricate clocks and attempted to master automatic control as they created and expanded upon inventions to mark and measure time.” They laid out all the things needed to make a clock, which was a very complicated process. Even though other civilizations used clocks…show more content…
“Abu'l-Qasim Khalaf ibn is one of the most outstanding Arabic physicians and the most remarkable Arabic surgeon. His work had a strong impact in middle ages. Greek-Roman surgery had almost ceased to be practiced, in the Western world, after Paul of Aegina (625-690 A.D.), the last Byzantine compiler. Albucasis took for himself the task of making of surgery an honorable art. He recovered ancient surgical texts from damaged scrolls, developed, expanded and refined Greek-Roman operations, adding his own pioneer techniques, procedures, and devising his own instruments. His clear and insightful teachings laid the foundations of accurate and safer surgical procedures that were adopted in the following centuries.” Medicine and health care was very deprived of the citizens at the time, and surgery came in very handy, because it solved many problems you couldn’t solve before (such as brain tumors!). Surgery was very hard to do, and the instruments and process had to be very precise. Without a doubt, his invention is one of the most life-changing inventions ever in the
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