My Academic And Laboratory Skills

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In the spring of 2016, I will be taking other crucial science classes with their respective laboratories such as Biochemistry I, Organic Chemistry II, and Physics II. I will also be taking a class, Special Topics in Neuroscience, which will further extend my knowledge about neurobiology. My academic and laboratory by the time the SURF starts, will enable me to have a very strong grip on the academic and laboratory skills required by the SURF projects; Therefore, I will be able to offer analysis and interpretation skills of greater quality than someone who lacks that academic coursework and Laboratory skills. I am sure, like previous semesters, I will achieve excellence through hard work in spring 2016 too.
It will be a mistake to think my consistent hard work stops with STEM courses. Due to Outstanding performance in both college level humanity and STEM classes I passed all my advanced placement exams with high scores. By the end of High School, I received AP Scholar award twice, and currently hold 74 credits, even though I am still in my second year of college.
Back in 2014, when I applied to prestigious institutions as a high-school senior such as FSU, UCF and USF, I was offered more than $16,000 from each college in form of scholarships and grants. One notable scholarship opportunity I was presented with was the Gates Millennium Scholarship (GMS). Offered by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to underprivileged students, the GMS provides a full scholarship to any

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