My Advocate Of A Young Child

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Advocates throughout one’s life can determine that person’s trajectory. A positive advocate might encourage a child to pursue their dreams, despite the unlikeliness of it. Some family member advocates will help a younger counterpart get through relationship troubles or otherwise personal conundrums. Unfortunately, there is also often a negative advocates in the lives of many. An older peer of a young child might encourage risky behavior like harmful drug use, theft or other unlawful, though fun, activities. One advocate of mine encouraged me to enroll in a higher education program, an experience I am remembering with distaste as I write a narrative hours before it is due. However, my advocates have also benefited me in a literary sense of the term. My advocates in literacy came in the form of parents and a fictional character, which formed my foundation in relation to literacy, then later on specific English papers and forensics, which sculpted the nuances in my relationship with literacy. I would imagine many can relate to an aversion to reading and writing from a very young age. Additionally, I would also go so far as to propose that many younger children also have a someone to sponsor their literary endeavors. A literacy sponsor is something someone decided to define which would otherwise likely go without a name. Dr. Brandt, who has a doctorate in something about literacy, talks about literacy and defines a sponsor as someone or something that made literary interactions
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