My As A Good Pharmacist

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Throughout my childhood I always had an interest in healthcare professions. My interest in pharmacy rose when I began to look further into careers that are invested in making the lives of others better. The pharmacy profession is ever-changing and offers a wide array of opportunities to those who have a Doctor of Pharmacy degree, however, I believe that to be a good pharmacist one must have more than just a degree, they must also exhibit guidance, knowledge, and a genuine care for their patient’s well-being. Though my pharmacy experience has been limited thus far, I believe that I possess many qualities that would make me an excellent pharmacist.
While in high school, I participated in two varsity sports, baseball and hockey, from my sophomore through senior years. I excelled in both the classroom and in competition. I was awarded “All-Conference Academic” for every varsity season I played, as well as receiving multiple “All-Conference” awards for play in my sport. In both of these sports, I was voted by amongst my peers to be the captain my senior seasons. Through this honor, I was able to gain experience in what it is like to lead a team and get the best out of everyone. I learned the value of respecting others and showing compassion to craft a more trusting relationship, one trait that would be useful as a pharmacist. In my senior year, I was awarded a scholarship from the Minnesota State Baseball Coaches Association for my excellence in the classroom, my performance on

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