Exploring My Career Of Pharmacy

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What do you want to do with your life? It is a question that almost everyone asks high school and college students, but for many, it is a dreaded question that is difficult to answer. For me, that wasn’t the case, as ever since my sophomore year of high school, my answer has been to become a pharmacist. My passion for pharmacy stemmed out of the opportunity to shadow a pharmacist who showed me a wide variety of career possibilities within pharmacy. I was intrigued by all the options that began on the foundation of learning science, understanding medications, and caring for patients.
From there, I began to explore more of what a career in pharmacy would mean and take the steps necessary to pursue my dream. As I reflect on the past and look forward, becoming a Doctor of Pharmacy is still the clear answer to achieving both my immediate and long-term goals. My immediate goal is to work towards additional education to be better equipped to utilize my undergraduate degree. In particular, I have a strong interest in applying my knowledge of biochemistry to the area of pharmacy in order to better understand how different medications work, how to help patients understand their medications, and how to solve problems to better care for patients. Ultimately, through achieving a Doctor of Pharmacy degree, I desire to develop a meaningful career that would allow for life-long learning and impacting lives.
Exploring a career in pharmacy included a variety of different facets which each

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