My Assertion Statement Examples

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While writing my assertion statement I felt myself considering how many times I could’ve used this to simplify and better the situations. Had I known about this sooner it would’ve made my life easier.
Beginning to write my assertion statement was an interesting time, I learned that I know how to communicate in a better fashion during conflict than I do the large majority of the time in my regular life. I try not to express emotion because I don’t want to upset people so I will just sit there in almost a false happiness to make others calmer, even if I internally feel like screaming. However, when I began using emotions during this I felt at ease upon writing it down.
When we split up with partners to discuss and put them into action, I found myself almost automatically reflective listening and then stating my point again, going through the four steps repeatable steps of Bolton’s assertion process until my partner finally agreed too ‘stop yelling at me in the morning’. Often the hardest part for me was the silence, because while I am an excellent listener, I struggle with conversational silence, as it just feels awkward for me. (I’m working on it.) …show more content…

Because of my dance training I tend to be very open chested and holding eye contact comes with ease for all of my peers and higher ups. Watching to see their emotions though, I often find distracting in real life situations. They often let emotions over power their end of the argument, which can be conflicting for me as my natural urge is to compromise and just tell them it isn’t a big deal or to look at them, depending on the topic, and become just as emotional right back, which often pisses them off and involves me getting yelled at, as I seem to be a bit of a doormat and have yet to find my sense of

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