My Best Day Essay

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We hope your year has been filled with special opportunities to share joy and celebrate life, because in the blink of an eye everything can change. Don’t wait to live! From the tragedies on national news to the heart aches of friends that hit closer to home, we are reminded about how precious our days and moments are. Those moments that fill our memory bank with joy. So take the trip, spend time with your loved ones, laugh a little more and make the rest of your life the best of your life!
The best thing about memories is making them, right!? We collected plenty this year from the simple joy of camping with family and friends to a mother-son fishing trip where Kody may have caught the biggest fish, but spending time with him was my bonus! We also love spending time with the Harvey family who invited me to my first official concert as an adult (I know, hard to believe) Wahoo Dirks, Swindell and Pardy! The Harvey’s were also party guides for Becca and I’s first but super awesome Chiefs Kingdome experience. Becca and her friends have enjoyed several concerts since then and my sister Kristie and I lived it up at Country Stampede. Checking one off her wish list while adding to our priceless sister memories.
Hopefully you are seeing the pattern here… chase the opportunity to fill your days with happiness and meaning. Sometimes that means calling a friend to hear their voice or driving to Grand Lake Colorado to give them a hug and toasting to the best of friends at happy

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