My Best Friend Essay

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Have you ever tried to avoid a particularly scary kid at school, or maybe, all the people at a new school? Well, I was that kid in 3rd grade that tried to avoid everyone, since I really did not know anyone. It was the year I moved from India to the little town of Cuthbert, Georgia. I had to go to a new school, live in a new environment, and learn better English. I went to a school that my sister had not attended before, and she could not show me around campus or even introduce me to some friends because she was not there for the first day of school. The only person I remember who actually talked to me, and later became my first best friend and still is, was Martie Pearson. He was also a new kid at the school, and since we did not know …show more content…

The one thing that Martie loved more than anything was playing the Pokemon trading card game since it was one of the only trading card games available. I never knew anything about Pokémon, but the show at first while I was in India, which I never really played much attention to, but later became in love with it. The first time I was introduced to the trading card game was when Martie brought his full collection of Pokemon cards. I became so interested in the card game that I begged my parents to buy me a pack of Pokemon cards. When I opened my first pack of Pokemon cards I was overwhelmed by the anticipation of finding out if I had gotten favorable or awful cards.
Even though Martie and I got along pretty well, we still had a lot of differences. The biggest difference between me and him was the fact that I was still learning English, so I really did not get to communicate all that well with him. When I was in India, I used to go to an English school, where they would teach English, but I did not use it regularly, so I had some troubles trying to fully learn English. Martie, on the other hand, was fluent in English and could write an essay with ease. Another difference between us was the fact that I liked to play outside, but Martie was an indoor kind of person, who loved to play video games. I successfully got him to play kickball with everybody outside, and eventually socialize with others, unlike his reclusive self. Martie was one of the biggest anime nerds I

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