My Book : My Favorite Thing To Do?

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“My book”
The first time I wrote a book I was in fourth grade and this was my first project. The teacher gave the class a day to brainstorm about our favorite thing or things to do. I was so excited when i left school, I told my mom all about it. My moms first question is “So what’s your favorite thing to do?”. At that point I couldn’t tell her what was my favorite thing to do because I had too many things I liked to do. Later that day I sat down and tried to think about what i could write about, what is actually my favorite thing to do. I had thoughts about my friends, pets, favorite color, food, and more. I went to my sister and asked her what did she think about my project. She talked how much I play with my dolls. She gave me some good ideas to write my story about. I thought more on it while I was laying under my covers in my bed. It went on to the next day and I still woke up indecisive. As i got ready for school i kept thinking how come I still can’t decide. My teacher at school had asked the class what ideas we came up with overnight. Everyone raised their hand quickly like a race. Some children started shouting out answers. “Woooow, slow down” says the teacher. She starts explaining to the class the next step to our project. Which now it was time for our rough drafts to get done. She told the class to write down what we picked to write our book about. I still didn’t pick anything yet so i choosed off the top of my head; Heelys. I was going to write a book on

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