Resident Advisor Application in Greece Essay

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What do you feel is the role of a Resident Advisor?

Resident Advisors have various roles and important positions in Housing and Residence Life. The role of a Resident Advisor is to create and maintain a healthy environment for the academic and personal growth of the students within their assigned living unit. RAs maintain a positive intellectual, emotional and social living environment for students. An RA creates a community which enables curiosity, self-understanding, and prepares students for leadership and embracing the University’s motto “Think Big. We do.” as a way of life.

What previous experiences do you have that would make you qualified and interested in the Resident Advisor job?

Since my junior year of high school, I have volunteered at The Providence Children’s Museum, although it isn’t managing teenagers, I did have to create a specific environment for younger children. Volunteering has allowed me time to showcase my leadership, interaction, and communications skills efficiently by engaging children in a fun educational environment. By utilizing my skills in the museum, the children in the exhibits were informed about new methods of learning, such as hands-on interaction, for everyday use and/or life. The Children’s Museum and the RA job have similar goals and objectives, creating a postive environment, and building skills that could be used in the future. The skills I have used at the museum, I would be able to apply them by being a Resident Advisor.…