My Brother the Drunk Essay

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My Brother the Drunk

As he walked past me, I glanced up at him timidly. I looked into his eyes, realizing they were exactly like mine. Quickly I shifted my gaze to the floor, not wanting to make eye contact. It wasn't always this awkward between us, but something had changed.

My brother stood tall a few feet in front of me. He was almost towering, and I felt myself become very nervous. With his head held high, he walked over to me. He asked how I was doing; I told him that I was fine. My brother flipped his head back in a cocky manner, as if to emphasize his ear-length hair. I secretly rolled my eyes. Making small talk, I asked him how school was going. He replied …show more content…

I guess as a child, it really didn't bother me. Whenever we played games he was a sore loser and a poor winner. I was the baby of the family so he got mad when I got more attention. He picked on me when we played with my cousins, and then I would tell on him and he would get in trouble. But we would always forget about our fights, and soon we would be getting along.

When I was in seventh grade my brother decided to go into the Navy. It was very hard on my family because we were so close. At night, I could hear my parents talking about it. My brother was determined to go, no matter what.

The summer before my eighth-grade year, he left. We took him up to Rockford, where he would be bussed to Chicago for boot camp. My parents cried and cried. It was very difficult to see him go.

In the years that followed I wrote my brother all the time. I would tell him how school was going and what I was up to. I remember crying when he would answer my letters. He told me about his meeting new people and how difficult his jobs were. I loved getting his letters.

On his first leave, we went to Midway airport in Chicago to pick him up. I couldn't believe how wonderful he looked. He was tan, and he had grown his hair longer. I ran up to him and gave him a huge hug. He seemed so strong, and I was so excited to

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