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My business ideas that I pitched to three people this week
This week, three different people whom I spoke with enjoyed hearing about my business ideas. These people are Tatsuo Matsuo who is a HR manager of Fujitsu, Shinya Kitagawa who is a HR manager of Hitachi, and Dr. Thomas Field who is a director of the Agribusiness Entrepreneurship program. The following are the details:
Tatsuo Matsuo:
Mr. Matsuo is a competent HR manager with 12 years experience in HR consultations. He is interested in developing his own company that consults how to hire and train new and existing employees. He asked me for my opinion.
I introduced him about my project profile about the Talent Management Company, which is an innovative concept in organizational behavior to hire, train, and maintain top performers in companies. However, because this is a new HR program, most companies do not know to align Talent Management within their HR strategies.
Then, I explained the overview about the Talent Management project. Mr. Matsuo said that he would like to know more about my project on Skype in a week.
Shinya Kitagawa:
Shinya is a capable HR manager at Hitachi Corporation as well as my close friend of ten years. He is also thinking about developing his own company in the future. His interest is a Global Leadership program that shift leaders’ paradigm at companies, because Hitachi exports its train systems to Europe, the US, and Asia.
I encouraged him to start a company that assesses the competency of

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