My Career As A Teacher

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Like most students, I have changed my mind several times about which career to pursue. As a young child I imagined becoming a teacher. I loved helping others learn and discovering new ways to explain ideas. As a teenager I hoped to become a scientist so I could interpret new phenomena through research. The summer before my freshman year of college I bought an old psychology textbook at a bargain bookstore and knew I wanted to be a psychologist after reading the first chapter. My first semester I signed up for Psychology 101 and I’ve never looked back. During college I took a number of psychology classes, and with each class, my love for the subject grew. In my junior year at LSU I took Honors Research Methodologies and was introduced to school psychology. As I learned more about the field I realized this was the only career for me. I could combine all the careers I had considered throughout my life and consolidate them into one ideal profession. I could work towards better education like a teacher, conduct research like a scientist, and I could do it all through the lens of my favorite subject: psychology. I have chosen to apply to LSUS’s Specialist in School Psychology program because I believe my coursework, work experience, research interests, and career goals have all combined to uniquely prepare me for this program. Throughout my college career I have taken a number of courses that have challenged and motivated me. In Honors Research Methodologies I learned

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