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I was finishing high school and I had two options at hands to focus my professional career: a double degree in Law and business, or something creative and also related to business, but more specific. I joined a degree in food and beverage management to go further in my passion for food and at the same time develop my interest in the business and management area. I chose creativity, but I always felt that I wanted more. For example, when I heard my friends discussing and arguing about why the demand of houses was so high that the price would never fall again, I wanted to join that discussions and be in those classes too; But in my mind I had other type of questions that I also felt curious about: Why garlic comes first instead of onions? …show more content…

As years passed at the university I found myself trying to get responsibilities in duties that were not appropriate for a student. The food processes and the kitchen procedures showed me the power of imagination and the need of hard work to become successful in what you do, but I needed to go further in the skills that I was not that proficient. During my internship in Relais Chateaux Mas de Torrent one of the managers of the hotel left the company and despite I knew it was not a duty to an intern I immediately applied for the position. For me it was like a little victory I become the manager of the hotel bar and during that tenure, I had the opportunity to develop my own ideas and manage a little department of the hotel. That experience taught me that if you want something you have to believe in yourself and go for it. No one is going to give you anything for free. The opportunity is not going to chase you.
During the last year of school, I had a deep crisis thinking that maybe I did not choose well what I wanted to do. I had the ambition of something bigger and I decide to apply to the business school and do both degrees at the same time. I made an appointment with the dean of my university and I explained him what was going on in my head. He helped me and told me that the president of the main shareholder of my university was searching an assistant for one year and that he had proposed me for the

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