My Catholic Church The Good And Bad Essay

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The few personal experiences I have had with my Catholic Church the good and bad. Faith and miracles happen when you pray a lot to Jesus may be due to someone being sick or having a premature baby that is at high risk just by praying and having faith can get you out that bad situation you are in, without god I’m no one. Superstition is something I personally believe in because it is something I was raised with it since I was a baby. My personal experiences with church are very good and bad I am catholic because that is what my parents taught me. I will start with the good ones first; I love going to church because of the feeling you get when you come out it is a very peaceful feeling that makes you feel relived like if you can breathe the fresh air it’s just a feeling I can’t explain unless you experience it then you will know. In addition, a couple months ago a good friend of mine invited me to a Friday night vigil. I will never forget that experience. The vigil took place from midnight to 8am. After a few hours, of kneeling and praying at the feet of a statue of Jesus, I started to feel a warm and calming sensation throughout my body. Something I’ve never experienced before. It felt like the warmth of the sun as it radiates to your skin. Only this was a stronger kind of warmth, and it radiated through every inch of my body. What I was feeling was God reaching out to me. At that moment I knew I believed in the Holy Trinity. I had experienced the Holy Spirit for the first

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