My Cell Phone Rang As The Spaghetti Sauce And Fresh Vegetables

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My cell phone rang as the spaghetti sauce and fresh vegetables simmered on the stovetop. After looking at the screen, I saw that it was Latria and shooed Tia out of the kitchen. Lord knows, I didn’t want her telling Trent any of my business. “Sorry Lyric, I was in the bath when you text messaged me,” Latria said. “Girl, you wouldn’t believe what happened. I ran into Diamond at the grocery store. I got close enough to her to see that she has a ring that resembles mine. I also overheard her cell phone conversation about a missing cell phone in her car. I’m not sure if it was Trent, but I think it was because she said the name Tee” I whispered, all in one breath. “What? Who do you think Tee is? Trent?” Latria asked. “Yes, that’s why I wanted…show more content…
“First of all, calm down and keep your cool. Whenever Mr. Tee gets home, act the same. You don’t want him to have a clue that you know about his precious Diamond.” “Right,” I added, as Latria continued her lecture. “Have his food fixed, bath water ran and make sure you sex him good tonight too. In the middle of the night see if you can get his phone again to see what the two of them have been up to.” “Alright. Being nice to Trent tonight is going to be hard to do. I should spit in his food or something. Plus, I‘m sore from being with Mont today” I replied. “Girl, if spitting in his spaghetti makes you feel better, do it, and you should’ve known to save some lovin’ for your husband,” she said with a giggle. After the both of us stopped laughing, I got serious and said “Latria, do you think that Trent has any more female friends that I don’t know about?” “There’s only one way for us to know that Lyric and that’s if you get that phone again. I’m sure if you keep looking you’ll find more stuff. I think all men are dogs and that none of them are faithful” Latria answered, as I saw a set of headlights flash across the window. “I’ve got to go. I think that Mr. Tee just pulled up in the driveway. I’ll call or text you first thing in the morning” I said, as I ended the call with Latria. “Daddy” I heard Tia yell as the entry door opened. When I walked around the corner, I saw Trent standing there holding Tia. “It sure smells good in here. I can’t wait to eat, but I should
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